Monday, August 31, 2009

Bella Kindness

Summer is officially over around here. No more lazy days at the lake, staying up late to watch movies, or impromptu trips to the ice cream stand. (Well, we will still make trips for ice cream...heehee.) My Little One started First Grade today! She is SO excited. I'm pretty excited too! She has a lovely teacher and I think she will have a wonderful year. She does really well in school, makes friends easily, and just simply enjoys learning new things.

As much as I enjoyed the summer, I'm looking forward to returning to a "normal" schedule around here. I've missed blogging and catching up on all of your blogs as well. I took a trip through Flickr this morning and was amazed by all the lovely things that have been made over the last few weeks. My poor little shop is in much need of an update. I will be adding some fun new things this week and have been busy re-ordering stock as well.

Also on my mind is Silver Bella! It's just over 2 months away! I can't wait to start putting together all of the fun things I've been collecting for Vendor Night. I'm even more excited to take some wonderful classes and meet up with my blogging friends, both old and new. A definite highlight of the year for me!

I had to share this wonderful package of goodies that I received from Catherine several weeks ago. She and her daughter Cristina put together some really sweet gifties for fellow Bellas. I was delighted to receive one! I love this idea of sharing and passing on kindness to others... It's these little things that really brighten our days, don't you think? I'll definitely be passing some on as well to continue the chain of kindness.

And finally... the remaining winners of Speckled Egg's Birthday Giveaway!!!

Congrats! And THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes. I've had a wonderful 5 years with my little shop and look forward to many more! All because of YOU! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For your sweet tooth

A few weeks ago, my Little One wanted to make popcorn balls.
I did a search for a recipe and found this.
Not exactly a popcorn ball, but it still looked yummy.
So we gave it a try.
It is actually REALLY yummy (and sweet)!
Quick and easy, perfect for kids to help with!

We've already made it 3 times.
(Don't tell our dentist, please.)

I'm thinking that next time we will drizzle it with melted chocolate.
Popcorn s'mores!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hair Accessories

My poor computer finally seems ok. Thank goodness! I think I've worked my way through all of the emails, and all of the orders placed last week are on their way. Please let me know if you've emailed me, and haven't heard back yet. My apologies!!!

I wanted to share these fun hair clips that my Little One and I made for the Summer Hair Accessories Swap that I hosted last month. This was SUCH a fun swap! We had a wonderful, talented group of players. There were embellished headbands, clips, bobbies, ponytail holders, flowered combs, and more. My Little One was in hair accessory heaven!

Here are the bobbies that we made. We just layered some vintage flower parts and added a pearl center. They were easy-peasy, and turned out really cute!

I also wanted to announce the first winner of Speckled Egg's Birthday Giveaway!
A $25 gift certificate goes to:
Lili M.
There are still 4 more gift certificates to win during the month of August!
I'f you'd like to enter, just leave a comment HERE.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Year of Color

Can you believe that it is already August!?!?!?

This month I'm the guest designer for Kari's Year of Color project.
She has done an incredible job of putting this all together!!!
You can read all about it here.

If you are already signed up, head over to see the tutorial I did for these Summer Memory Boxes!

(P.S. Thank you SO much for the sweet comments on the giveaway post! I'll be picking random winners all month long, so there is still plenty of time to enter!)