Friday, August 26, 2011

Petite Inspiration Box Swap - Curiosities Edition

 Edit: This swap is now full.  Group emails have been sent.  Enjoy!

I am thrilled that so many of you really enjoy these matchbox swaps!  I had originally planned to try to mix things up and try a new type of swap, but I received so many sweet emails about these over the summer that I just had to do it again!
The theme for this swap is Curiosities ~ with Halloween approaching, I thought this would be a fun subject.  However, I also didn't want to limit it to a Halloween swap.
I was thinking that the Curiosities theme could also cover flea market finds, steampunk style, and all those other fun and funky bits that we love to use in our projects.  So, it is pretty open-ended.  I hope that makes sense!  Please read the guidelines below if you are interested in joining the fun!

Here you go!
Petite Inspiration Box Swap - Curiosities Edition

1. You will be placed in groups of 3 players. You will need to make a "Petite Inspiration Box" for each of the other players in your group (2), and you will receive one back from each of the players in your group (2).

2. The base of the box should be a sliding match box. I found mine at my grocery store in a package of 3 for about $2. These are the larger boxes that measure about 5x2x1, not the teeny-tiny ones. Decorate the outside of each box, and fill them with artsy goodies for your swap partners.

3. The items in your boxes should be vintage or vintage-inspired and fit the Curiosities/Flea Market theme. You can include some Halloween-related items as well, but the whole box doesn't need to be Halloween-themed. Find out your partners' likes and dislikes, collections, favorite crafts, etc. Here are some ideas of what to include: Old buttons, millinery, lace, ribbon, trims, jewelry findings, ephemera, images, charms, interesting bits and bobs, doll parts, game pieces, etc. These boxes are fairly small, so they should be easy to fill up... just be sure to send quality, usable items that you would love to receive yourself. You can see some photos of the boxes from previous swaps here.

4. You will need to mail your boxes directly to your partners by September 26th. PLEASE only sign-up for this swap if you are able to have your swap items created and mailed by this date. As with any swap, it is reallllly important to follow-up with your promise to make quality items and send them on time.

5.  To sign up for this swap, please email me at info{at} , be sure to send the following:

*Email address
*Blog address
*The country that you live in
*If you are willing to ship internationally
*Please select which best describes what your favorite types of "Curiosities" would be:
(a)  Flea Market Finds - aged, chippy, rusty, natural/nature-inspired
(b) Victorian, Steampunk, Alice in Wonderland
(c) Halloween themed
(d) A mixture/anything goes!

6. I'll send you a confirmation email once I receive your info.  I will close sign-ups on Monday evening or at 50 players, whichever comes first. You will receive your group info by Thursday evening. Feel free to grab the button above to add to your own blog. ( Images from the Graphics Fairy).

Hope you can play!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Library Love + Swap News!

Over the summer I volunteered to teach some craft classes at our local library.
I did some simple crafts with the younger kids and a weekly art journaling class with the teenagers.
The kids all did an amazing job with their projects.
Especially the art journals ~ I wish I had photos to share!
I had put together some ideas and journaling prompts, and brought a bunch of fun supplies to play with.
They had fun cutting and pasting and putting together collages.
I really loved how they didn't over-analyze or stress over how things were looking.
They just went with it.
And they had a blast.
I love that about kids.
The library asked me to decorate a clipboard for a fundraiser they are having.
I decided to make a She Art-inspired piece.
I really love the technique.
It's fun to get a little messy and just go with it.
School starts next week.
Definitely bittersweet.
We had a great summer, but I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal".
I was thinking that it would be a great time to host a new swap.
Look for an announcement and sign-ups on Friday!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heart + Home

We are home from a fun vacation to New Hampshire.
We did lots of shopping, playing, relaxing, eating....
It is always fabulous to get away, but I also love coming home again.

I'm catching up on the orders that were placed last week and will have everything in the mail tomorrow.

The winner of the August giveaway is #10...

(The photo above is a peek of the hostess goodies that I brought to Natalea for the Garden Party.  A heart tin filled with red supplies ~ her favorite color.)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Party Gifts & Giveaway!

Now to share the fab gifties that were exchanged at Natalea's Garden Party!
A sampling of the gorgeous vintage supplies from Tabitha
Sweet altered journal made by Sandy
Amazing cuff bracelet designed by Tammy
 A sweet little jar of lavender from Natalea.
The cutest pincushion made by Viv.
 Felted heart magnet and adorable butterfly doll by Sandy
Fun little notebooks by Tammy
An extraordinary sewn journal made by Natalea.
Here's a peek inside! Almost too pretty to use!
What's missing from these photos is all of the beautiful packaging!
(And the candy, sweets, lip gloss, and note cards that my daughters "borrowed".)
I really should have taken the photos as we were opening the gifts at the party.
My current photos really don't do any justice to these beauties!

My gifts to the girls were handmade earrings and a supply pack of 
vintage wallpapers, trims, beads, and other goodies.  
I don't have any photos of them.
I'm really kind of slipping with this whole blogging thing, huh?

To make up for my lame photos, I am going to put together another goodie bag for one of you!
It will have some of these yummy vintage wallpapers...
 One of these trim cards...
And some other little surprises.
To enter, just leave a comment on this post.
I'll choose a winner on Thursday, August 18th.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garden Party Weekend

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of attending Natalea's Garden Art Party.
In attendance were Nat, Sandy, Tammy, Tabitha, Vivian, and myself.
It was such a treat to spend some time with this fabulous group of ladies.
I have to say, I was as sick as a dog upon my arrival on Friday.  
I was SO mad that I wasn't feeling well, but these ladies were all so sweet and nurturing.
Luckily I felt better on Saturday.
(Only to feel like junk again on Sunday... and the entire following week. Ugh.)
But, Saturday was lovely!
Lots of laughter, good food, gorgeous gardens, shopping, and crafting.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend...
Natalea's beautiful home and studio:

Some pretties along the Buffalo Garden Walk

Tomorrow I'll share the amazing gifts that were exchanged, as well as a giveaway!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Free Shipping!

I've just returned from a fun-filled weekend with some artsy friends!
I've got lots of photos and treasures to share with you but I'm feeling a bit very under the weather.
Either the flying/travel has messed with me, or I have an icky bug.  

Today is the first of August, and I know that some of you are waiting for the monthly shop update.
I'm just not up to it today and we will be away on vacation soon, so I'm thinking that it will be best to hold off until September 1st.
In the meantime, please enjoy FREE SHIPPING from my shop on all orders to the USA.
This offer is for today only and no code is needed.