Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Sparkle!

Are you ready for Spring? I certainly am!!! I have spent most of my day adding new goodies to the website and listening to the new Jack Johnson album... nothing puts you in the mood for warmer weather than his sweet tunes! I've just listed a bunch of bright and beautiful new products perfect for Spring crafting!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I am most excited about this brand new line of glitter! It is soooooo shimmery and fabulous! Beautiful, high-quality, fine glitter in 8 yummy shades. Very affordable, too!
(Edit: This glitter is NOT glass glitter. I adore glass glitter, but do get nervous using it around kids and on projects that will get handled a lot, like journals or scrapbooks. This glitter is perfect for those types of projects, and provides gorgeous results! :)

How cute are these???

And these yummy vintage posies!?!?

These pastel leaves embellished with pearls are fabulous!

I've listed LOADS of vintage leaves, flowers, and other great embellishments.
You can see all the new stuff by clicking HERE.
More stuff listed in the SALE section as well!

P.S. I've found an amazing source of vintage flowers.
More new ones should be here next week!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Duckie

We celebrated my Littlest One's First Birthday this weekend! It was a blast! I LOVE planning my girls' parties. They will only be little for such a short time, so we may as well enjoy it!!! I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since we welcomed our little sweetie to our family...

We did a rubber duckie theme. (As you can probably tell!) She loves taking baths, and has learned to say 'duckie'.

I made her cake using a 3D cake mold by Wilton. I found the blue tub at the dollar store and thought it would be a perfect base for the cake. I added marshmallows around the cake to look like bubbles. This was actually the second duckie cake that I made for her. The party was originally scheduled for the week before. We had to cancel because of a snowstorm. I sent the first duckie to preschool with my other daughter... I am now officially known as "The Cool Cake Mom". Heehee.

I bought these cupcakes froma a yummy local bakery and just put them on the stand and added the duckies.

And these were some of the party favors. These duckie soaps are super easy! I had been saving plastic baby food containers as molds. The soap is just glycerine melt-and-pour soap from the craft store. I filled each container about 2/3 full and let it set for a few minutes. Then I gently pushed the ducks into each. When they are completely set, they just pop out of the containers. Easy peasy.

I found some little duckie appliques at the craft store and ironed them on to pretty blue washclothes.

And this fun stuff is bubble bath confetti. So fun! You add it to running water and it makes bubbles. I bought it in bulk and put it into little baggies. The kids also got a CD of bathtime songs and bath crayons. We also had a "duck egg hunt". Since the party was indoors, we couldn't do the usual pinata, so the got their candy fix from searching for candy filled plastic eggs.

It was so much fun!!! If you are planning a child's birthday party this website has TONS of great ideas!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Frilly fun!

The super-fun tissue fringe garland is back in stock!
I know that a few of you have been waiting "patiently"... wink, wink :)
Happy Saturday!