Monday, March 31, 2008

A day late, and a few buttons short...

The super sweet Analise, of Sugar Sugar fame, hosted a Button Challenge this past weekend. She invited us to share photos of pretty buttons that we've collected. If you go to this post her blog you will find a list of all the blogs that are participating! I can't wait to check them out myself!

I LOVE vintage buttons... all shapes, colors, styles. I have a rather large collection, for someone who doesn't sew. A 20-gallon tote box to be exact! Unfortunately it is in the basement... behind my hubby's tools, wood, and other things he's using for a renovation project. I couldn't get to it, but while I was trying to dig it out yesterday, I realized that they shouldn't be down there in the first place! Most of the buttons in my big tote box haven't even been sorted yet. Yikes! They should be displayed in shadowboxes, on a memo board, in glass jars, or in other creative ways. They are far too pretty to just be sitting in a box.

I have a shoebox of buttons that I use all the time in projects. These yummy sherbert colored ones are some of my favorites. I bought a huge collection of these from an elderly woman several years ago. She made big fun brooches out of them, but her arthritis kept her from continuing. I chatted with her for a long time and she was happy to see her little treasures passed on to someone who appreciated them as much as she did. I thought these buttons would be great to make flowers out of. They'd look really cute in this pretty vintage aqua vase that I just bought.

And a little collection of black and whites, with some rhinestones for good measure :) A big glass vase of whites in different shades sits in my diningroom.

I posted last summer a quick tutorial on making a button bracelet. You can see it here.
I've also made some cute hairclips out of buttons.
And another easy peasy project would be to simply glue on a magnet or thumbtack to the back.

Any other ideas of ways to use or display buttons? I'd LOVE some ideas!
I'm off to check out the other "button-y" blogs!
Have a great day!!! :)


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Heather, I also came to the button challenge a little late. I just love the pretty buttons that you have pictured. This was a terrific idea. Susan

Dawn said...

These are all beautiful!
I just looooove buttons!

leesiebella said...

OMG~ Heather... I'm so jealous of your buttons!! They are wonderful!!

I love those colors!!!

have fun and thanks for sharing!


LiLi M. said...

It's unbelievable but those vintage sherbetcoloured buttons just don't exist here. And I love them!
Great collection!

Michelle said...

Love your button colors! And I made one of your bracelets when you had that tutorial. Loved it!

Jessi Nagy said...

better lat than never.
your buttons are darling!

Anonymous said...

Love your buttons! I love how you combined the colors and photographed them.

Lisa Johnson said...

Yummy buttons, Heather! I'm so glad you came to the button party.


Georgia Peachez said...

Those are beautiful buttons Heather, but I would love to see what's in the basement! Suzy

LaurieStar said...

I love buttons too! Glad you're going to dig yours out of the construction zone. I made about five button bracelets around Christmas after I read your tutorial!

The Apron Queen said...

I'm incredibly jealous. How cute!

By the way, any of your blog entries would be absolutely perfect to share for Vintage Thingies Thursdays over at my place. I'd love to have you participate.

Come on by! Confessions of an Apron Queen:

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love all of your beautiful buttons....Mary

Anonymous said...

As I pop around visiting blogs I've seen some amazing button collections- thanks for sharing yours.
And I scrolled down to your previous post- beautuful photos- looks like a wonderful shop!

Margo said...

Yummy colors! I love the details!

Birds of a Feather said...

hi heather ~
thanks for your sweet comments! you know, i was going to jump in late on this button show and tell, now i wish i had! yours ar wonderful, thanks for sharing.
xo ~ heidi

Anonymous said...

lovely buttons, like the colors!!

Kai said...

Oh, Heather! These are just GLORIOUS! I wanted to comment last night but had time only for one comment on each blog. I had to come back tonight tho'! My grandmother started my love for buttons when I was REALLY little. She loved them! I do, too! And I've been collecting buttons for YEARS. You have a wonderful, wonderful array of beauties! And you don't sew either? That makes me feel SO much better! I thought I was the ONLY one who didn't! LOL!

Sarah said...

Just been other to your fab store!! wow im in love with all the goodies...and I places my first order with you!!!
going to add you to my blog!!1

Diana Lyn said...

Buttons, buttons, who doesn't LOVE buttons! I do , I do, very nice collection, I make a Pink soy Breast Cancer candle and I just might be ordering your angel charms, I put them on the candle and can't always find them! Check out my blog I am having a giveaway! Diana Lyn