Monday, June 16, 2008

Just the tip of the iceberg

I've been so lucky lately at the flea markets and yard sales finding vintage jewelry. And I hit the jackpot when a sweet friend of mine was doing some de-stashing a few weeks ago. Most of the lovelies in these photos are from her. Amazing stuff, huh??? And these photos just show a tiny fraction of what I've collected.

I've been wanting to make my own jewelry for quite some time. I've had so much fun hosting and participating in charm swaps... and I've made a few charm bracelets and necklaces here and there. I love old beads and findings (as you can tell from my shop). So it seems like a natural fit. The problem has been that I really don't know proper jewelry-making techniques. So, I've signed myself up for a few classes at a local bead shop to hopefully fix that!

My free time and available space has become more and more limited lately. But, I really miss making things. I thought this would be a fun new creative outlet. The supplies don't take up much room, and I can leave a project on the dining room table without creating a huge mess. I can work on a piece for a little while and come back to it hours or days later.

I'm so excited to learn something new!
I really love the idea of turning these old cast-offs into something new and unique.
Can't wait to show you what becomes of these treasures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The tooth fairy was here!

My Little One has had a wiggly tooth for several weeks. Her first one! Yesterday morning it finally fell out. I had plans of buying her a cute Tooth Fairy pillow or box, but I kept putting it off. And now we needed one right away. So, we made our own!

This is what we came up with. It was a fun project to do with her. She picked out what she wanted on it, and I *tried* to make it work. Pink and blue, flowers, stars, and a teddy bear. I think it turned out pretty cute! A little over-the-top, but that's what this 5 year-old likes. :)

The Tooth Fairy came last night and left her $5... and sprinkled some glitter around the box. I think my Little One was more excited about the fairy dust than the money...