Friday, August 15, 2008

Decorative Cake Pedestal Tutorial

I'm so excited to share this little project with you!
I really LOVE making these, and hope you will too!
They are perfect to display a special little treasure... or a single yummy dessert!

A paper mache box lid (round or square works best)
A candlestick (these glass ones were found at the dollar store)
Pretty wallpaper or scrapbook paper to cover the box lid and/or paint
Ribbons, lace, pom pom trim, etc
Glue stick, hot glue gun, and E6000 glue
Additional embellishments: buttons, flowers, velvet leaves, nests, glitter etc

1. First, we need to cover the box lid. I chose to use vintage wallpaper. Simply trace the lid onto the wallpaper, cut out, and glue to the top of the box. You may also choose to paint the inside and edge of the box for a more finished look. Let dry.

2. Use a hot glue gun to adhere ribbons, lace, or other pretty trims around the outer edge of the box.

3. Flip the lid of the box over and use E6000 glue (or similar) to attach candlestick to the center.

4. Easy peasy! You now have a very pretty pedestal. Leave it as is, or add some additional embellishments, like buttons, flowers, or a pretty nest.

Tips and other ideas:
Some of the paper mache boxes that I saw at the craft store were warped, so try to select one with a box top that is pretty level. Same goes for the candlestick.

Drill holes around the edge of the box lid and dangle beads or chandelier crystals.

Use a wooden candlestick for the base and cover it in glass glitter. Or, why not cover the WHOLE pedestal in glass glitter?!?!

Make several pedestals using different sized box lids and candlesticks, place them on top of each other for a tiered display.

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Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! arent those so fun to make!! I love making them! I have some for halloween! congrads to the winner!! lucky gal! can ya enter me into the next giveaway! hugs


Unknown said...

Super cute!! I'll have to try one sometime!

Julie said...

This is fabulous! I'll be making one in Halloween colors. I'll also be linking to this in the Weekend Roundup!

Terri said...

This such a great and beautiful idea. Thanks so much for sharing your artist talent! Hugs, Terri

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Thank you so much Heather!! And what a great idea for making a pedestal.

lori said...

these are gorgeous and somehow i have acquired quite a few cake stands. now i can decorate them for the holidays, seasons or whatever!! thanks for another great tutorial.

have a wonderful weekend!!! enjoy it and make some wonderful memories!!

Sarah B. B. said...

This is truly brilliant! I can't decide whether to make them for Christmas gifts or as decorations for my cousin's wedding shower. TFS!

Sherry said...

Cute! Very cute!! Thanks for sharing!


Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

Heather this is really clever and cute. Do you seal the top with anything before using it??

Unknown said...

This is so clever! I love the idea of being able to make pedestals to match any occasion or decor. Thanks so much for sharing!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful idea.

Michele said...

Love this idea...and the possibilites for it are are doing a wonderful job on your tutorials, Heather. Thank you!
michele :)

LaVerne said...

This will be the perfect project for my neices when they come for our next craft weekend...three girls and three different pedestal heights...won't that look cute? Thanks for the super tutorial!

Lorilee said...

Wow, yet another wonderful idea I want to try! Thank you for sharing!

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a wonderful idea. So pretty and easy too.

I love the idea of doing one for Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Oh my, I can see I'm going to be busy making lots of these.


Dapoppins said...

What a great idea! I think I could even make that!

LaurieStar said...

Oh my goodness - what a fabulous idea! Love the nest on it.

Sugar Bear said...

These are super fun Heather! Thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

WOW! That is so beautiful!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

OH thank you very much for sharing that project with us.I belong to a womens group.We have to make Xmas gifts every year.I think i will make one for each .We are only 9 ladies.Not to many.Hugs Marie Antionette

Alison Gibbs said...

This is such a fabulous creation.

Jennifer said...

this is great heather. i bet they will be fun to make. you have some cute ideas, i'll tell ya what.

kayellen said...

Hi Heather,

Darling project! I need to have you try my mom's no sew tape on one of your projects... you will love it!

Email me some time for a sample:)


Beth Leintz said...

What a great idea- I love idea of adding height to a grouping- but cake plates are so expensive- this is just the ticket- thanks!

Daydreams and Nightmares said...

What a great idea! Solves some decorating problems for me! LOVE IT!

Mippie said...

Holy Moly! What a fabulous idea! Perfect gift idea, too, don't you think?! You rock, my friend! And I owe you an email! xo-Mel

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous and gorgeous idea
the ideas are endless....
I have done something similar with mismatched saucers which dont end up as pretty!
thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

Artifax said...

Oh yeah! I was just out looking for cupcake and cake plates for a display and couldn't find any I liked and then came here and saw your tutorial. Perfect! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

This was such a wonderful tutorial! How clever and innovative! Looking for more now!

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

Genius! I would have never thought of pairing the box lid with the candle holder. I have tried a flat glass plate and candle holder and the glass-to-glass glue is toxic and smelly and doesn't always hold! I have a new project to do. Thank you.

P.S. I would love to add you to my favorites so I can check in on your tutorials.

Barbara said...

how fun is that!!!

Anonymous said...

total cuteness abounds at the Speckled Egg!!!

Shari Replogle said...

These are absolutely wonderful Heather. I had been using antique plates on candlesticks. These are so much more creative!

Julie said...

Great idea! Thank you!