Friday, August 8, 2008

Flower Garland Tutorial

Here is the first of 4 party-themed tutorials, to celebrate Speckled Egg's 4th Birthday!!!

The original idea for this project came from Lisa, who was my partner last year in Artsy Mama's Sweet & Sinister Swap. She made me a beautiful Halloween themed garland that I adore!
I tweaked her idea a bit, and wanted to share with you what I came up with. This is going to be a decoration at my daughter's upcoming fairy party.

First of all you will need some supplies:
A string of lights (I used a set with 100 lights, which is REALLY long.)
Silk Flowers and Butterflies (one for each light)
Lots of assorted ribbons, tulle, and tinsel garland.

1. Spread your light set across the floor. Pull the lights so they straighten out, and secure each end with a weight (like a book).

2. Choose your ribbons and roll them out across the floor to the same length as the lights. Cut to size and place ends under weights. (I used 1 strand of tinsel garland, 2 shades of tulle, plus 1 strand of ribbon.)

3. From your remaining ribbon, you will need to cut several 5-6" pieces. Bundle 3 pieces together and use these to tie the light strand and ribbons together. Start at one end and work your way to the other end, spacing the ties about every 8 inches.

4. Once you are done, gather your silk flowers and remove all the heads from the wire stems. They should just pop right off with a little tug.

5. Choose a flower and remove and discard the plastic pieces to separate the petals. Layer the petals back together and use your scissors to slightly enlarge the hole in the center.

6. Carefully, slide the flower over a light bulb on the garland to the plastic base. Repeat this process until all of the lights have a flower on them. Add some butterflies too if you like!

It is really pretty when it's lit up! Especially the lighter colored flowers. Draped around a doorway, maybe? Just be sure not to leave it unattended... these lights don't usually get hot at all, but you never know!

Also, the winner of this week's $25 gift certificate giveaway is:
Andrea T.

Hope you liked this project! I'll have another one next Friday!!! And another $25 giveaway winner too! All of the details for the giveaways can be found on the previous post.

20 comments: said...

Oh WOW! This is fabulous! So well explained too! I am TOTALLY including this in the Daily DIY tonight!

Jennifer said...

that's a really cute idea. i hope your daughter's fairy party is lovely. i hope you show us the pictures.

Sherry said...

Gorgeous and who knew it would be so easy!


Mippie said...

EEK!!! I love it! What a beautiful part of what I know will be a magical fairy party! Thanks for sharing a great idea-I think I need to run to Michael's and start flower shopping! xo-Mel

Jessi Nagy said...

aaaaccckkk!! this is so sweet.
i want to do this for taylors romm redo.
so stinken cute.
thanks doll.

Amy H. said...

I love this tutorial. So fun. Thanks for sharing.

lori said...

this is adorable and so versatile. i am thinking about making one of these for one of the special little girls in my life. how totally cute. thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh I won! Thank you heather~! I loved the tutorial..I am going to make one today!!

Lisa said...

Heather, that is great- thanks for sharing!! I think I'll try one! Thanks, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Angie at Home said...

Oh... I love this idea.... and I'm going to make one for Halloween... well.. you know in the orange and black theme.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea.

Lorilee said...

OMIGOSH that is an awesome idea! Wow, and so adaptable to different themes! My mind is racing!

Michele said...

Love the idea! So tweak-able...of course, I'm like a kid on Christmas...can't wait for the next one!
michele :)

Unknown said...

Oh Heather that is truly a clever garland! Thanks for the idea! I love it and what fun it will be to make it!

Caleen said...

I love that you explained this step by step since I am a very visual person. I will definitely have to make one of these for my kids. I think a 18 year old needs a fairy party too.. I always wanted to give one... I appreciate the instructions.
Thanks and Happy Birthday..

Decor To Adore said...

Your light garland is so beautiful and very adaptable to many themes.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how they make those!! thanks for showing us I love it!! cant wait to see the fairy party! hugs

Renee said...

Wow!This is too cute!!!I may have to try to make one of those,even though my girls are older,they still love parties & I just know they would love those lights!What a great idea!Renee

Unknown said...

Another gorgeous and creative idea. I am enjoying your work and your lovely blog! Have a magical day!

Cheers! =D

Anonymous said...

I had a picture of my daughter taken in a "fairy" setting, in costume. The studio photo-shopped in gossamer wings and other little magical details. I'm going to use this project to make a flower "frame" around the finished 11x14 print (I had it printed on art paper, so it doesn't need to be under glass) and am going to give it to my daughter for Christmas. I think it will make it especially magical! Thanks!