Monday, January 12, 2009

Have a Heart

Aren't these just beautiful?
Vintage heart charms that fan out with a floral design.

I've just added these and a few other Valentine's Day goodies to the website.
These new things can be found right HERE.
I'll have more lovey-dovey stuff added within the next week or so.


vivian said...

Those are the sweetest little heart charms!

Decor To Adore said...

Hi Heather,

These hearts are cute.

I really unlocked a bunch of passionate women with my subject yesterday. The responses have been the longest I have ever recieved and they are still coming in. :)

Anonymous said...

oohhh I love then so pretty! hugs


Beth said...

those are sooo yummy !!! hope your having a wonderful new year girl !! thanks for your sweet comment on my new jewelry , I will have to let you know about the bracelets when they are all ready !!

Anonymous said...

Delightful blog, glad I found you via artiful blogger!

Suzanne in CT

Anonymous said...

What cute heart charms!


Kara Ward said...

I just picked up my copy of Artful Blogging! You are super-famous!!!Kara