Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nesting Collection Tutorial

I was super excited earlier this winter when Deb, from Say-it-with-Letters invited me to be a guest designer for her! Deb's company makes the most amazing custom cut shapes and letters. They are made of MDF and are super smooth and wonderful to paint or collage on. No sanding! She has hundreds of designs to choose from, and does custom work as well. Plus they all have notches on the back for easy hanging. I plan on ordering one of these giant monograms for our living room.

Deb sent me her fabulous Nesting Collection to work with. SO fun!

I used vintage papers and embellishments in shades of white to decorate the shapes. I really love how they turned out!
You can see the tutorial I did here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What I've been doing....

I haven't been finishing up my taxes....

I haven't been Spring cleaning...

I haven't been painting the rocker from the previous post...

I've been making jewelry!

It has been soooo much fun. Definitely a new obsession.
I've been collecting beads and buttons and bling and sparkling stuff forever.
But, I've just been a collector.
I like how all these pretties look in displayed in glass jars.
I like to add bits and pieces to craft projects.

But, I've never really made jewelry.
I've been talking about it for a loooong time.

I decided just to go for it...
I mixed some vintage beads with new findings.

These are some practice pieces.
And a few gifts.
And a few keepers.

I think I like the bracelets the best.

And these necklaces with the flowers on the side. (Really popular right now.)

Lots of bright, Spring colors. So fun!

I'm going to be making more to add to my shop.
Hopefully in time for Mother's Day!

Have a great weekend!