Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party Planning

My Little One is going to be 9 next month.
That is completely unbelievable to me.
I wish I could stop time just a little bit, but I truly love the "big" girl that she is becoming.
She is such a sweet girl ~ kind, artsy, beautiful, and soooo smart.
We are currently working on preparations for her party.
She's decided that this year will be bakery themed.
Her friends will be decorating chef hats, making pretty cupcakes, and enjoying some fun treats.
We're going with a light pink, peachy orange, and yellow color theme.
You can see our inspiration board on Pinterest.
We've been busy making and gathering all sorts of pretties...
We were inspired by this tutorial to make these apron invitations.
We used paper by Basic Grey and a printable recipe card from here to hold all the party info.
I ordered these amazing cupcake appliques from my friend Laurie.  
She makes the most fun and colorful appliques ever!!! 
They will be decorations on the girls' aprons.
I also picked up these edible flowers from this Etsy shop.  
They are GORGEOUS!  
The hoarder in me wants to keep them for myself in a pretty jar!  Heehee.

I looooove planning parties! 
We are having so much fun with this theme and can't wait to share with her friends!  
We'll have more to share with you too!


miss lynn said...

oh heather,
so much
fun and happy!
great idea,
darling invites!
have a wonderful

Sheila Rumney said...

Cute invitations! They grow up way to fast! Enjoy!

kathy said...

Wonderful --ideas and colors -- have fun with her --it does go so fast -- Loved that age !!!
Have fun !!! Kathy - ga ♥

LaurieStar said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I love your creative invitations! My little one's party is next week too and she'll be eight. So grown up! Enjoy it!

Kai said...

You have a NINE year old??? No WAY! You look like a kid, Heather! Of course, when you are as old & dried up as I am, EVERYONE looks like a kid. BWAHAHAHAHA! But honest - you DO look super young! The party sounds fun & I KNOW you will see that it's also beautiful! Hugs, you sweety!

mercedes scott said...

Oh, what a darling party you will have! Your little one will so enjoy her special event and many fun memories will be made... Don't forget to enjoy it yourself; they DO grow up in the blink of an eye!