Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Tidings

The house is quiet so today.  
The girls are happily in their jammies, playing with all of their new toys.
I don't really know what to do with myself!
It seems that all of the prepping and planning of the last two months just came to a crashing halt.
What to do now?!?!
My husband told me to relax and enjoy the day, as he headed off to work. 
Turns out I'm not so good at relaxing!
 I thought it would be a good time to come and say hello.
I hope that all of you have had a wonderful weekend of celebrating with family and friends.
Happy Everything!!!

(I made the ornament above for a swap I was in earlier this month ~ I'll share more photos soon!)


Anonymous said...

I love the ornament you made. Happy Holidays!

Sheila Rumney said...

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Thanks so much for your beautiful ornament and cocoa. It was a wonderful treat!

So glad you joined us at The Creative Patch! You are the best!

Jeanne said...

Glad to see that someone else is kind of lost today! I'm feeling the same way - I don't know what to do with myself. Your little birdie ornament is adorable!

Barbara said...


kathy said...

Glad your Christmas was merry - mine also -- Love the ornie !!! Kathy - ga ♥

Something Special said...

I felt the same way. All our family left, and my son who was home stayed in his room all day watching the rest of Lost! To quiet, so my husband and I went on vacation and took naps and watched TV all day. It felt so good to not have anyone want anything from me. Kind of wierd though! lol

Unknown said...

Hi Heather! Did the girls eat all the chocolate yet :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I too had to force myself to relax this week. Have a fabulous New Years!

Sandy xox