Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party Peeks

We celebrated my Littlest One's 5th birthday this past weekend.
Two days of parties, lots of giggly girls, and plenty of sweet treats.
Have you seen the Lalaloopsy dolls?
My daughter adores them!
They were the chosen theme for this year's party.
Planning birthday parties has to be my most favorite "Mom Duty".

Here are a few peeks.
(I didn't take nearly enough photos, as usual!)
 I had LOTS of help with making the cake. 
If you look closely, I'm sure that you will see some little finger marks!
We made necklaces, decorated crowns, and colored a big cardboard play castle.
The party favor buffet was a huge hit.
The favors were too cute to just tuck in bags, so I set them out as decorations.
After the party, the girls all chose their favors.
These owls were my personal favorite.
So fun and colorful!

Now I need some rest!


Jessica Rodarte said...

Oh my! So sweet! I just love those owls, too!

Kai said...

What a lucky lil' daughter you have! I know those girls HAD to love that party! Pat, pat, pat ...!!!! That's ME, Heather, patting you on the back for a great-mommy job well done! HUGS!!!

Jeanne said...

I've never heard of Lalapalooza dolls, but I love the name. That cake you made is fantastic! I'm looks like your little one had a fabulous party. Happy birthday to her!

Hope said...

Really.....ReALly....a cute child's party....I bet she had a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting!

Sheila Rumney said...

What sweet party favors! Hope it was a wonderful day for your daughter and you!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday to your little one! I love the cake and party favors! My Daughters are obsessed with their Lalas too! I just got your cupid orni in the mail and loooove his little tushy ;O) Happy Valentine's Day Heather!

Sandy xoxox

Nicole Austin said...

what a great idea to have the party favors out on display and then to have the kids choose what they'd like. i love those dolls and my daughter does, too. so sweet!