Surprise Snowballs

I've seen several ideas for crepe paper surprise balls posted over the years.
Such a cute idea!
I've been wanting to make some, and thought that they would be something fun for the kids to do while waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

They are super easy, and fun to make!
All you need is white crepe paper streamers and small toys, candy, or trinkets.
I used a roll of 150' feet of crepe paper and about 12-15 small toys for each ball.

To make one, just pick a toy and start wrapping!
(I used the largest items first and then finished with the smallest.)

Once that item is completely covered in crepe, add another toy and continue...
Just like you are rolling a ball of yarn.
I tugged a little at the crepe paper to help smooth it out along the way.

When you are finished just secure the end with a sticker.
I left mine pretty simple, but you could really go all out in embellishing these!

I put them in clear bags and added a tag that read:
Find the sticker on the snowball.
Then unroll the paper to find some fun surprises.

They will be a fun treat for Christmas Eve ~ even with the mess of 1000 feet of crepe paper floating around my living room!